Gettysburg : The Last Invasion

Gettysburg : The Last Invasion

Gettysburg : The Last Invasion

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The Battle of Gettysburg has been written about at lengthand thoroughly dissected in terms of strategic importance, but never before hasa book taken readers so close to the experience of the individual soldier. Two-time Lincoln Prize winner Allen C. Guelzo shows us theface, the sights and the sounds of nineteenth-century combat: the stone wallsand gunpowder clouds of Pickett’s Charge; the reason that the Army of NorthernVirginia could be smelled before it could be seen; the march of thousands ofmen from the banks of the Rappahannock in Virginia to the Pennsylvania hills.What emerges is a previously untold story of army life in the Civil War: fromthe personal politics roiling the Union and Confederate officer ranks, to thepeculiar character of artillery units. Through such scrutiny, one of history’sepic battles is given extraordinarily vivid new life.